Privacy Policy

Aug. 7, 2020

This privacy policy is meant for websites:,; and browser extensions: TornTools (Github link). By accepting this policy, you accept the way we collect and use your data.

Collecting Data

None of the above-mentioned services collect nor share user's data without the user's permission. No information is shared with 3rd parties.

TornTools offers the functionality of Exporting and Importing user's settings which also means that their User ID and Username are stored. All data that is stored in Remote Servers is listed whenever the action of Storing is taken place. All storing is optional and all data in remote servers can be deleted at any point.

TornTools does not collect any sensitive data like the user's API key. This data is stored safely on the user's device.

TornTools takes the liberty of adding and removing data that is stored. All changes shall be shown whenever the changes take place.


In case of any questions or comments, you can contact the creator via email (